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Idea Series- Vacant Homes & Properties: Understanding the How, the Why, and the Future of Revitalization in Baltimore City

from12:30 PM to - 2:30 PM UTCBon Secours Community Works31 S. Payson St. Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America 21223

Join us for a transformative discussion at the CREW Baltimore event, where industry trailblazers unite to unveil the potential of neighborhood redevelopment in our city. This panel, sponsored by the IDEA committee (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy), promises an engaging look into how the commercial real estate sector can lead and innovate in revitalizing Baltimore's communities. Discover the pivotal roles of projects like Hollander Ridge and Park Heights in fostering vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods.

Our distinguished speakers include Mansur Abdul-Malik of NHPF, discussing the significant social and educational upliftment through the Hollander Ridge initiative, and Sterling Hardy of Requity, who will highlight the empowering partnership between Carver Vocational-Technical High School and the Requity Foundation. This collaboration has transformed local real estate into practical teaching sites, where students apply their vocational training to real-world redevelopment projects, fostering a new generation skilled in sustainable building practices. Alicia Corson of Bon Secours Community Works will delve into how they're pioneering redevelopment with a focus on sustainable living and historical preservation, enhancing community well-being and resilience in West Baltimore. Hear from Baltimore City Housing Commissioner Alice Kennedy, who will shed light on impactful city initiatives like the Framework for Community Development, and how the city is tackling the reduction and prevention of vacant properties.

These conversations are crucial as the redevelopment of neighborhoods affects each one of us, shaping the future of our city’s landscape. Don’t miss this chance to be inspired, learn, and engage with the minds driving change in Baltimore’s urban development. Join us to see how you can be part of this vital transformation.

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